Linjebygg Offshore goes abroad

Linjebygg Offshore will bring some of its specialized services to the international market, and has engaged M.Sc. Sivert Sande as Export Manager. -The company has developed several products and services over the years, which we know are interesting to foreign customers. My task is to bring this further and introduce it to the international oil & gas market, Mr. Sande says.

M.Sc. Sande has gained solid experience from overseas marketing and project execution, i.a. through his direction of former AS Linjebygg's activities in Africa and Central America.

-Oh yes, I have travelled a lot and participated in many kinds of projects, Mr. Sande comments. -I have also been working a great deal with other European countries, especially in East Europe. All these contacts in different parts of the world have brought me many good friends and close relations which I still maintain, he says.

Sivert Sande is living nearby the town of Molde, Norway. The last year he has been engaged with contract administration against the construction of the huge Ormen Lange gas treatment plant at Aukra, outside Molde.

-Now I look forward to working internationally again, and I believe that Linjebygg Offshore will succeed in the foreign market. The oil & gas business is of course a comprehensive market, and the aim is to create new and challenging opportunities abroad to our highly competent staff, Mr. Sande concludes.
Export Manager Sivert Sande